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How to get ready for a Date

Ladies, dating should be fun and exciting. It’s your opportunity to meet new people, brush up on your social skills and get out and about; and we all could do with more of that! The problem is that most women tend to overthink and get stressed out before a date. Squash the nerves and start out on the right foot with some preparation.

Pre-Date Strategies:

Planning well ahead puts you ahead

1. What’s your story?

Think of amusing, quirky stories about yourself to spice up conversation. Have you done something that scared you? When was the last time you laughed until you cried? What was the craziest thing that happened while on a trip? You can use these types of situations to engage and ask questions about your date, but keep it fun and nothing sexual. These stories make you unique and therefore memorable and interesting.

2. Are you styling?

Put together three go-to-date outfits. Base it on activity: 1. casual/sporty, 2. dressy, 3. in-between outfit. Include shoes, accessories and undergarments. Your outfit should be comfortable yet flattering, and most importantly, must make you feel good about yourself. Dresses and heels are a great choice. Colours are better than neutral, and red is always striking. Find out what colour works best for your skin tone. Keep it simple with minimal or no patterns, and nothing too revealing.

3. Get ready for your close up!

Try out different hairstyles and makeup for the most flattering look to go with the outfit and occasion ahead of time. Date night is not the time to go experimental, like trying out falsies for the first time. Also skip the big blowout and smokey eyes for a baseball game or walk in the park. If you need to de-fuzz, do it 2 days ahead of time.

4. Fit and fabulous!

Do you feel good about yourself and your body? Exercise regularly to keep yourself in the best shape and health as possible. It will be a real confidence boost, and great for your physical and mental well-being.

No Pre-Date Jitters

Since you've planned ahead, you can get ready for the main event without being rushed or stressed. Instead, enjoy the process and make it fun. Play your favourite upbeat music, and sing and dance along to get you in a happy groove. You can have a drink, but not more than one.


Before you go on a date, shed your serious, ball-busting business persona. Instead, bring out the feminine, positive, confident self. And finally, don’t put so much pressure on dates or yourself. Look forward to meeting someone new. Dating is fun, so enjoy the anticipation.

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