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A bout Taranta

I'm Taranta, a dating & relationship expert and also a matchmaker, to boot!

With unshakable optimism, I'm dedicated to helping you have the relationship you deserve.

In today's world, it is a confusing time to be dating, but I'm here to help. Let me guide you through the in's and out's. You'll gain confidence and enjoy dating again, promise! My specialty is mid-life dating. Trust me to be your dating and relationship coach. 

My story

Toronto dating coach

Like many of you, I’ve dated, married, had a family; only to find myself single again after 13 years. I was thrown into a dating world that was alien to me. What is going on? Online dating? Apps? What is Tinder, Hinge, something about Bagels??! Why doesn’t anyone talk on the phone any more? Texting, texting and more texting. Hold up… sexting?!

I knew to be successful in this brave new world of dating, I had to get up to speed fast! So that’s what I did. I tried it all. Speed dating, singles events, meet ups, online dating, set ups, dating apps, blind dates, matchmaking, bars, clubs, bugging friends to make introduction...

It was time-consuming and exhausting, but it was a great experience and mostly fun. Being the optimist with the right mindset, I was successful.


Let my experience and expertise work for you. 

Contact me now for your free introductory consultation.

I am pleased to announced I have also joined  Kyla Gutsch's team at Cosmetic Transformations. (scroll down to 8th image)

Being a part of Cosmetic Transformations offers me the opportunity to provide guidance to those who have come through trauma or illness, so that they look and feel their very best.

Toronto date coach advice
Toronto dating advice coachng
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