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Stages of Dating

Dating has gotten far more complex and complicated in the past decade. Remember when you would go on a few dates and bam! you were in a committed relationship? Well not anymore. There are so many stages to dating and relationships that it can be confusing and intimidating. Don't give up!

We'll work with you to determine the stage you're at, and then guide you every step of the way so your dating life will be fun and rewarding.  We'll help you reach each stage smoothly and with confidence.

So what are the stages?  

L ess than Zero

At this stage not much is going on. One isn't very social and spends most of the time alone. The stereotypical scenario is playing video games in the basement or staying in watching TV with the pets.

There are small progressions in sociability at this stage:

  • Spending time with people of the same gender

  • Spending time with people of mixed gender

  • You don't venture out of your existing social circle

*Coaching will get you to next level, increasing your  sociability and confidence. We will provide you with strategies to be your best self and ready to date.

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Newly Single

Are you recently out of a long term relationship?

Feeling a little vulnerable and trying to get your bearings? It can be a difficult time.  There is no need to rush into dating.

*Coaching will  help you regain your confidence and independence. When you are ready, we will provide guidance on how to navigate the new dating landscape.

Single & Waiting

At this stage, you'll go on dates if someone else sets it up.  You hope to meet someone, but you're unsure of how to confidently put yourself out there. Your behaviour is reactionary and passive.

*Coaching will guide you to the next level. We will work with you to develop strategies to increase initiative, approachability and confidence. You will start meeting people proactively.

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Single & Out There

Good for you.  At this stage, you're being proactive. You're online, on apps and you're asking friends for introductions; however, you're not moving forward.

There are sub-stages at work here. We will work with you to progress forward through them:

  1. Crickets......No bites, nothing
  2. Hello..... Only initial contact / greeting
  3. What do you do......Minimal messaging
  4. See you later ....Not moving beyond 1st meeting 


*Coaching will give you immediate useful information to achieve the next level. We'll work on online and in person strategies for dating success. Learn how to make the best first impression and increase confidence.  You will get the first date and beyond.

A ctively Dating

The good news at this stage is that you've moved on to actual dating.  You're meeting people in real life. Where you're getting stuck is progressing beyond a date or two. Are you looking to build a relationship, or to just date more successfully? We can help.

*Coaching will help you get unstuck.We'll build your   confidence, conversation and communication skills. We will translate what your dates are saying so you can progress to enjoyable dating and even a relationship, if that is your goal.

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Relationship Limbo

This is a stage that may happen and it can be really confusing and frustrating.You seem to be dating exclusively, but you're not entirely sure. You have not defined the relationship. Not knowing where you stand can cause a lot of anxiety and stress. We can help.

*Coaching will improve your communication style, review obstacles and reading the signs to get you out of limbo and into the relationship you deserve.

Exclusive & Committed

This is the goal many aim for when we begin dating. However, even the best relationships run into issues. Don't become complacent and let small issues fester until they're insurmountable. Don't just go through the motions; learn how to make your relationship grow and thrive.

*Coaching will develop your communication skills, mindset and strategies to help you resolve your relationship obstacles. We will teach you how to keep your relationship sexy and fresh! And don't we all want that?

Contact us now for your free introductory consultation.

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