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Datewrx is here to help you figure out and enjoy dating again with no-nonsense coaching and guidance. Learn the secrets and get expert advice on modern dating. 

Our specialty is mid-life dating, 'cause that's when life should be at its best!

We will give you a comprehensive game plan and strategies to boost your confidence and to make sure you're ready to date and meet your special person.

Contact us now for your free introductory consultation.

Stages of Dating

In this brave new world of dating, it's no longer that you meet someone, go on a date or two and bam! you're in a relationship. From how you meet someone to where you stand with them, dating can be confusing, complicated and intimidating


Datewrx is here to guide and support you through each stage. You will learn how you can be at your best and find your person. We will make dating fun and easy!

Why Datewrx?

With Datewrx, Taranta Lo will be your personal coach. She has been in your shoes and has the experienced modern mid-life dating first hand. With her help, you will successfully navigate the in's and out's of this confusing and complex dating scene.


"I would recommend Taranta and Datewrx to anyone looking to have a beautiful and happy relationship"

- Lia T.

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